Marketing your Holiday Home

Blueriver Cottages is part of the Original Cottage Company, which in effect gives you access to the resources of a larger national company, meaning your property will be promoted more strongly than a local agent would normally be able to achieve.

Marketing your holiday cottage alone can be overwhelming, with technology and social media constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up to date. That's why our innovative and creative team are here to help, with a whole wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring a variety of different strategies and channels are used to reach your customers, you don't have to worry about anything.

We cover all methods of marketing, including the below extensive range:

  • PR and Press - We work closely alongside local PR and Press Teams, which means we are often featured in local press items and editorials.
  • Social Media - In this day and age, it is important to increase brand awareness amongst holidaymakers and locals alike through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks to the ever-evolving social media, we are able to target potential guests based on lookalike groups that match our target demographic.
  • Blueriver Cottages Magazine - To encourage visitors to holiday in South Devon again, we offer our free magazine which includes some of our properties as well as an overview of the different areas that our portfolio is based in. This may also feature your property as well as things to do in the local area to encourage people to revisit South Devon.
  • Campaign marketing - Once a customer books to stay in your property, they are added to our growing database, which we often email out to with latest offers as well as targetting them to rebook.
  • Online marketing - With our specialist team working on Google PPC, we are always one step ahead with the latest trends. We also work hard on improving our SEO and organic web rankings.
  • Original Cottages - We are part of a wider company called the Original Cottage company, so your property is also advertised on the third largest holiday letting agency company’s website. This means that the visibility of your property is high and you are more likely to achieve a higher rate of bookings.
  • Affiliate Sites - With the rise in popularity of sites such as AirBnB and HomeAway, it is important that your property is visible on these sites, so we work closely with affiliate sites.
  • Local Events - We like to keep brand awareness as high as possible, so we often exhibit at local agricultural shows and events, engaging face to face with potential guests.
  • Signs - We are in the process of creating new branded signs to indicate that your property is available for a holiday let with contact details if anybody wants to get in contact.