2014 Cowes to Torbay Powerboat Results

Published: Friday 5th Sep 2014

A yearly event that sees these powerboats racing along the Devon Coastline from Cowes to Torbay and back.

Watched by thousands of people along the coast, it is a yearly event that is very popular.

The results of each category can be seen below:

Cowes Provisional Results Heat 1

Cowes Provisional Results Heat 2

Cowes Provisional Results Overall

Perpetual Trophies were awarded to the following:

The Thunderbolt Challenge trophy for the 1st historic boat – H9 Dry Martini

The Lombard North Central Cup for Concours d’Elegance – H9 Dry Martini

The MEMA Challenge Salver for oldest participating competitor – Francis Whitley on board G130 Fugitive

The Lombard North Central Salver for the best presented entry – D10 Grey Ghost

The Penthouse Salver for the youngest competitor – Ali Langdon on board A47 Silverline

The John Mace Perpetual Challenge Trophy awarded to a race boat designer – Renato ‘Sonny’ Levi

The Coupe Martini trophy for 5th boat overall – B12 Biretta Due

The Hamed Buhaleeba Trophy for 1st overseas entry – B12 Biretta Due

The Motor Boat & Yachting Trophy for 4th boat overall – D50 Hot Lemon V

The Unohoo Trophy for 3rd boat overall – C7 Team Barwood

The King George’s Fund for Sailors Seahorse for 1st diesel powered entry – C7 Team Barwood

The Royal Yacht Squadron Trophy for 1st production entry – C7 Team Barwood

The Royal London Yacht Club Trophy for 2nd boat overall – B74 Smokin’ Aces

The Richard Carr Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the driver of the 1st boat to Torquay – B7 Vector Martini Racing

The Mellery-Pratt Challenge Trophy for 1st navigator – B7 Vector Martini Racing

The Waynefleet Challenge Trophy for 1st British navigator – B7 Vector Martini Racing

The Cougar Trophy for 1st throttleman – B7 Vector Martini Racing

The Beaverbrook Trophy for 1st boat overall – B7 Vector Martini Racing