4 top tips to get your holiday let Spring ready

Published: Friday 9th Feb 2018

With the first signs of Spring approaching, now is a great time for homeowners to look at their holiday let investment with a fresh pair of eyes. Whether it’s been a consideration to get some minor repairs completed or simply time to complete a good deep clean, there is no better inspiration then Spring to get these jobs ticked off the list and before your first guests of the season arrive.

1. First impressions are everything

Make sure you pay attention to the overall maintenance of your property. If the first thing your guests see is the garden, make sure it is well-kept and tidy, paying particular attention to decking areas.  Ensure that all of your furniture inside and out is fit for purpose and hasn’t become worn or damaged over time (particularly prevalent during the busiest periods). It may also be a good time to pressure wash any green and mossy paths and patio areas to prevent them from getting slippery in the wet. Arrange to have a regular gardener trim back any large shrubs and pull up any unsightly weeds that have appeared. One of the main comments left by guests, is that the garden is looking overgrown or it’s full of old bird droppings!

2. Exterior is paramount

If your property is showing signs of flaking paint or just looking tired, now is as better time as ever to get the paintbrushes out and make improvements. Also, essential work like checking for any storm damage such as broken roof slates, blocked guttering and getting chimneys swept to reduce the risk of fire in the flue and carbon monoxide fumes. Chase away any cobwebs from your doors and windows, ensure that the main entrance lights are working and any name signs or fittings are well buffed. Your new guests will be only too happy to see a welcoming property that is ready for their stay.

3. An interior fit for a king

It is always vital that your guests feel that they are the only ones to have stayed in your holiday let. Evidence of past guests will possibly tarnish their holiday so look out for area’s that will need to be refreshed. Now is the time to ask your housekeeper for a deep clean and really concentrate on those areas that get neglected during peak season to help your cottage shine out above the rest.

  • Polish all chrome: taps,kettles, toasters - if its shiny, make it sparkle!
  • Remove grubby finger marks and grease marks from stainless-steel ovens, extractors and appliances.
  • Check all of your glassware and make sure that sparkles too.
  • If crockery is cracked or chipped, bin it and replace.
  • Ensure that there is plenty of matching utensils, plates, dishes and glasses/cups for the amount of guests that your property sleeps.
  • Make sure pots and pans are free from grime and grease and replace if badly scratched.
  • Deep clean ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and defrost those fridge and freezers to give them that thorough clean and in turn, will increase the longevity.
  • Descale your kettle and shower heads
  • Check all light bulbs are working including lamps and spotlights
  • Give all of your upholstery a good vacuum and move so that those areas underneath can be reached.
  • Wash your curtains and nets, it will help to get the room smelling nice and fresh.
  • Have a look at your property with fresh eyes, does it have pictures or furnishings that are now dated? Although it may feel like it adds to the decor, your guests perhaps may like to see more quality touches.
  • Ensure that you have good amounts of matching cutlery, mugs, plates and glasses, enough for all guests and for those that are awaiting being washed.
  • Repaint or touch-up the most used or visible area that are letting your rooms down.
  • Give the bathroom area a good clean (especially in between tiles where that troublesome mould likes to appear).
  • Take the opportunity to descale the taps and shower heads. Any chrome work also to be polished until it shine shows a loved property
  • Finally, have you made any significant updates to your property? Then ask for new photos to be taken. It’s well worth capturing new images in order to encourage more guests.

4. Happy guests make returning guests.

Although the pointers above are perhaps only a handful, do make sure that cleaning is kept on top of throughout the year. Do remember that actioning any feedback made will encourage even more bookings, which in turn will boost your income.

Be proud that you have gone the extra mile to ensure your guests have had a family holiday that has created the finest, lasting memories.


by Toni Poole
Property Recruiter - South Devon