Bag a Last Minute Bargain Break in Dartmouth!

Published: Tuesday 29th May 2018

Every now and then, our guests are left in the unfortunate circumstance where they've booked a fantastic property but are unable to take their holiday through no fault of their own. It's such a shame that they're not able to enjoy our beautiful part of the world, even when they've planned to do so. Sometimes, life just gets in the way and guests are left with no option but to cancel their South Devon holiday.


never let it be said that Blueriver Cottages don't do all we can to make sure that someone else enjoys the same amazing experience as the original guest was meant to! And that's exactly what's happening with the charming riverside apartment 1 Bight Boatyard from 9-16 June 2018! We've had a last minute cancellation on the property, so we want to offer you the opportunity to take up the fabulous holiday experience of being right on the river Dart, close to the centre of Dartmouth, and now for even less! That's right - Blueriver Cottages is prepared to offer a generous 15% off for a 7 night stay from 9-16 June to the first lucky guest to book it up!

How do I redeem such an offer?!

Well, I'm glad you asked - it couldn't be simpler! Just visit the property page on our website by clicking on the property name above, and select your 7 night holiday to start on 9th June, and we'll automatically discount it by 15% without you having to do anything else.

What makes 1 Bight Boatyard such a great apartment?

There are so many things that make this a truly special holiday home - not least the charming town of Dartmouth! How many other holidays can you say you've taken where one minute you were crabbing on the quay, taking a ferry ride up the river or enjoying locally sourced fish and chips with spectacular views, and then all of a sudden you're walking up to a castle?! Dartmouth offers a great mix of both coast and countryside, as well as holding a rich naval history, so whether you're a young family looking for a fun new adventure, or you're an explorer looking to dive into the depths of our past, we're sure you'll enjoy yourself.

But for the property itself? Well, it's a very popular holiday home, and the guest was gutted to have to cancel! They'd chosen the apartment for their week's holiday because they wanted somewhere with spectacular river views, being right on the river, and with a modern yet homely outlook - and that's 1 Bight Boatyard in a nutshell!

Are you interested in finding out more? Visit the property page, or feel free to call one of our local team on 01083 833682!