Blueriver Goes Green…But With Blue Seagull Sacks

Published: Tuesday 6th Oct 2015

Here at Blueriver Cottages we believe it’s important to stay on top of new rules and regulations that may concern our holiday properties.

Last week it came to light that all commercial waste must be put into official rubbish bags and then placed into clearly labelled seagull sacks for the Bin men to collect after each stay in a holiday property. If these rules are not abided by then the Bin men can legally refuse to collect your holiday rubbish, which means owners could incur additional charges, if we have to dispose of the rubbish!

Seagull Saks

A picture of No.2 in one of our new seagull sacks!

This picture proves how big our seagull sacks are, because No.2 is about 20 feet tall…sorry, over exaggeration, 6 feet tall and she can fit into one!

Due to the new rules our holiday properties will be receiving blue rubbish bags, for the guests to use during their stay, and blue seagull sacks with the Blueriver Cottages logo on to put their rubbish into at the end of their stay.

Instructions on what to do with your rubbish, for guests staying in our holiday properties, will be in the front of our blue welcome folder.

The forward thinking of Blueriver Cottages means we provide exemplary service for our owners and guests.

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