A warm welcome awaits…

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Feel Privileged with Blueriver Cottages…

Written by The Blueriver Cottages Team on

As a guest, staying with Blueriver Cottages can be very beneficial because we provide goodies for when you arrive…

The welcome pack consists of:

  1. A Bottle of Wine
  2. A Bag of Fudge
  3. Jam or Marmalade
  4. A Blueriver Cottages Key ring
  5. A Blueriver Cottages Pen
  6. The Blueriver Cottages Privilege Card

The Privilege Card entitles you to discounts in a range of shops, cafe’s and restaurants in Dartmouth and Totnes!

We now have a total of 36 on the Privilege Card scheme, that is a huge amount of saving on your holiday spending!

I’d like to announce that this morning we had Cafe Alf Resco and Commerce Decor join the Privilege Card scheme. Cafe Alf Resco are offering a free slice of their famous cinnamon toast when you buy a hot drink and Commerce Decor give you a 5% discount on your purchases!

Be one of our owners and get the same treats!

Want to join the Blueriver Cottages portfolio? Come and have a chat about your property and the services we can offer you as an owner…


As a guest book your holiday with Blueriver Cottages!

Ring the office 01803 833682

The Blueriver Cottages Team

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A warm welcome awaits...