Step Back to the 70s!

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2018

The 70s. A simpler time - remember? Back in the days such TV classics as Bagpuss, The Wombles and Swap Shop, where Noel Edmunds looked... well... pretty much the same actually! And on a saturday night you boogied on down town on your rollerskates to groove the night away to the likes of ABBA with your penny sweets that actually cost a penny! If you remember the fun times you had in the 1970s then you're going to love taking a step back in time to the spectacular Rose Walk in Dartmouth.

What a fry!

If you're looking for a typical, quintessential English holiday cottage, then perhaps turn away now. BUT... if you're up for something different with bags of 70s character and charm, set right up in the treetops of Dartmouth, then you've come to the right place. Designed by the reputed architect Wycliffe Noble OBE, Rose Walk is a family-friendly holiday home in a world of its own. It's bold, it's quirky, and it's a fab chance for mum and dad to relive 'the good old days' with the kids.

Give us the skinny...

(That's 70's speak for the whole honest truth!)

Don't worry, the owners haven't recorded countless episodes of The Clangers to drive you insane - those are safely tucked away in their private store! Whilst architectually built in a 70s theme, Rose Walk is renovated over two floors in a 70s theme, but with all of the home comforts you would expect from a family holiday, from Satelite TV and Bluetooth Music Speaker to a cosy log burner. Just make sure you take a breath before you begin climbing the steps... there's 101 of them from ground level! But the house you get and the view from the balcony terrace are well worth the climb!

Back to the modern day... Why should I book Rose Walk?

There are countless reasons to book Rose Walk with Blueriver Cottages. It's family friendly, it's pet friendly, it comes with private parking, it's only a short distance from the centre of the popular riverside town of Dartmouth, and it's different! If you're looking looking to visit south Devon for a memorable holiday in a cleverly architectually designed property that's sure to leave everyone smiling, then we cannot recommend staying here highly enough.

Oh... and just in case you weren't convinced, Rose Walk is currently offering 15% off all remaining weeks in June and July!

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